Aligning people to organizational change and aligning organizational change to people

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Organizational Change Management
& Training Services
Our organizational change management and training staff augmentation consultants fill a number of key roles on project teams to ensure the people-side of the project is managed successfully.

Key staff augmentation roles offered by Eleven Twenty:

Communication Analyst:
Many projects are less successful because of poor project communications (e.g., minimal notice to employees regarding a change, lack of excitement building regarding the change or lack of understanding of the change). Our consultants are trained in communication planning, including project communication methodology. Communication analysts design and develop project-based communications including status reporting packages, project newsletters, project promotional “road shows”, as well as, planning project marketing (e.g., employee gifts branded with the project change).

Learning Management System (LMS) Consultants:
Learning management systems enable the management, delivery and tracking of blended learning (online and traditional classroom). We believe a robust LMS tool should integrate seamlessly across departments (e.g., HR, Accounting, IS). Our LMS consultants have experience with a number of LMS tools. Eleven Twenty LMS consultants fill a variety of roles on LMS projects including:

  • LMS strategy planning and SME support
  • System selection
  • System integration
  • Training
  • Testing
Organizational Change Management or Change Readiness Consultants:
Many organizations around the world struggle to manage the people components of change. For change to be accepted long-term, employees need to be aligned with the change. They need to understand what the change means for the organization and what’s in it for them.

Eleven Twenty experts take a big-picture view of the impact of change on employees and ensure employees are ready. Common tasks include development of an overall change management / change readiness work plan, and overseeing communications, training, and integrating with Human Resources team to ensure job changes (if applicable) are being managed.

Organizational Development Consultant:
We can help you reshape company tools and behaviors that empower your employees to excel to the next level. Organizational development is the steward of organizational culture and works with Human Resources to transform or repair culture, communications and rewards. Our OD consultants can lead or support:
  • 360 feedback and coaching
  • Executive coaching
  • Interview and selection processes
  • Leadership identification and development for managers
  • Optimizing and integrating HR systems
  • Succession planning
  • Talent acquisition and management
Training Developer:
Our training developers are responsible for applying knowledge of current learning models and determining the best instructional strategies using knowledge of adult learning theory to meet client expectations. They know how to:
  • Gather content from multiple sources
  • Interview client team members, vendors or other interfaces to obtain content related to the subject matter
  • Review and validate client requirements and objectives
  • Acquire an overall knowledge of the client processes required to develop effective training material.
Our consulting professionals possess strong knowledge of e-learning and web-based training development tools (as well as paper-based and classroom methods).

Training Manager:
These consultants oversee the overall training strategy, planning, design, development, testing, scheduling and rollout to ensure the training program is delivered on-time and within budget.
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